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I don't really have anything to say today... I'm mostly just bored at work right now... Shocking; I know. Still can't get Brian out of my mind. ::sigh:: I don't think I've ever wanted to meet a celebrity to get to know the 'real them' until now. And it's driving me completely bonkers. Grrr. I wish I could move on already. I feel like a pathetic 14 year old.   : /

Anyway... I was actually able to get myself out of bed every day this week at 3 am to run for an hour. Pretty happy with myself about that.

I had a dream about Mr T&S last night. Ew. I remember I was wearing my black and brown front-button sweater, but I don't remember ever noting his apparel. We were at my house and he was trying to apologize, and I wasn't going for it.  He tried to force-hug me closely, which, in both dreams as well as reality--regardless of who it is--makes me melt. Not in an aroused way, but it's still weird. Then I woke up. I haven't thought about him much recently, so I'm not sure why this popped into my head. ...Or why my head popped into that scenario... I still feel the same about him.

My motivation to do anything with my spare time other than sleep is waning drastically. ::sigh:: I still feel hopeless right now. Hopefully sticking with an exercise regimen and eating better will help me in this department, since absolutely nothing else is.

I miss the sunshine, I miss having people who want to hang out with me, I miss my poor domino, but most of all, I miss the semblance of sanity.

What do I want to do with myself?


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